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Customer Appreciation (Tekes report cover)  SERE (Tekes report cover)  Sherlock  Things that go Fuzz in the Night/Children's book illustration sample

Vulture  Genetic Modification, scientific illustration  NiStep/Tekes Cooperation (Tekes report cover illustration)  Generation Change, customer magazine illustration

Expert Services (Tekes report cover illustration)  Pacal Votan, Mayan ruler  Reach (Tekes report cover illustration)  Net Poker, magazine illustration (for Poker Pages)

Wheels Keep on Turning  Megatrends (Tekes report, series of illustrations)  Verso, editorial illustration (for Technological Vistas)  Reaching Out, illustration of a proverb for a poster

Sustainable Society, editorial illustration (for Technological Vistas)  Yin and Yang  Fisherman  Home improvement, brochure illustration

Transistor, scientific diagram  The Original Knot, poster  The Orange Room  Children's story painting

How web retail works, sample illustration for a website  Parthenon, geometric analysis  A Chinese Proverb  Cromosomes, scientific illustration

Finnwell, editorial illustration (Technological Vistas) Layout for home studio  New Horizons, scientific illustration  Van Jordan Coat of Arms, illustration for embroidery

Statistical Analysis of Card Games (for customer magazine)  Finnish Beer of German Markets (for Technological Vistas)  Change of Ownership (illustration for customer magazine)  Strategic Centers of Top Know-How (Tekes report cover illustration)